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biEHLER MDC-XC | Burcu's race report

biEHLER MDC-XC | Burcu's race report



We were in Bad Salzdetfurth for two different races which were forfilled by two different organizations. On saturday, there was the first race of Middle Germany Cup serie (MDC).

Saturday was the first meeting for us after I became a member of Scott-Mio Wildschönau. I met my team manager Thomas Schröder and teammate Toni Rudolph and his girlfriend Juliane Reich. We knew each other already, we were friends but now it was very good to be in the same team. We all were very happy that we would finally meet. When I saw them in the morning I truly felt this happiness on all of us. They were so warm and close to me. J I was already the warmest and closest person in the world, so this wonderful welcome made me happier. There we were together, finally! After registration we looked at the race course for just one lap. The never ending rain made the course heavy and muddy during the night and it was very cold for me.

At 12.50 we took our places at start line. First race with my new outfit, new bike would start soon. With the start sign we sprinted, upps, I couldn’t because I couldn’t match the pedal and stayed behind. Fortunately I could catch the group very soon. The course didn’t let us rest with ups and downs after each other, but technically wasn’t hard. My first two laps were extremely hard for me. I got the blood taste in my throat. Although I wanted and forced myself I couldn’t push enough and couldn’t increase my speed. But after the middle of 3rd lap, I warmed up and got faster. I was feeling better. I forced myself to push as much as I can to have a good training race and also to try my bike on technical sections because it was our first race. Yet, I was not fast enough to finish the race without lapped. I finished on 6th place of this 60min race. I’m not happy about my result as a cyclist who races international, but anyway this was a very good training race for me. Tomorrow, another race on the same course and I’m hoping to better there.

Yours affectionately!

Quelle: burcu-balci.com/2014/04/22/19-04-2014-bad-salzdetfurth-biehler-middle-germany-cup-1/

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